Food Blog Camp! ¡HOLA! MÉXICO! Part Uno.

We have escaped the snow and are here at Food Blogger Camp, in Mexico, enjoying the sun, eating way too much good food, making new friends, and learning how to make Kitchen Conundrum a much better blog for you to enjoy.  As far as camp goes, this is the best “camp” we have ever been to!

We are thrilled to be staying at an amazing tropical paradise called the Grand Velas, Riviera Maya. And guess what? It’s an all inclusive! Even the mini bar is FREE!  This is not your typical all inclusive though. The resort has some of Mexico’s finest restaurants. We are making it a point to try them all!  But, it’s not all about the eating, even though we are stuffing ourselves to the gill at every meal- and sometimes in between. (We’ll talk about diets next week!)

Thus far, the sessions have all been extremely informative and more importantly, they have provided a lot of useful and usable information. We are learning about photography, food styling, monetization and the business of blogging. There are also these amazing cooking demos given by the fantastic chefs here at the Grand Velas, where we are given the opportunity to watch, learn, photograph and taste their incredible creations. Of course, there is free time where we can relax at the pool or on the beach, sip cocktails and just soak in the sun. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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  1. whatsfordinneracrossstatelines says

    Want my phone number so you can call me and invite me next time! I love Riviera Maya. Have a cocktail by the pool for me!

  2. says

    It sounds like you are having an amazing time. I hope that you continue to relax, learn, and soak up that beautiful sun! Have a cocktail for me too!

  3. says

    it’s always a treat to see you people work together on a blog. Seeing the both of you dedicated to your craft was awesome, can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store for you! Stay warm!


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